Detectivity is the first detective game starring you and your friends. The venue is an apartment located in 17 Rippl-Rónai Street, in District 6, within 3 minutes from Heroes Square.

Detectivity is a Room Escape game, a clue finder, a mini-theatre and a live action flick at the same time, where you yourself control the course of events. At first sight, it is just another room, but in fact, it is a crime scene full of clues. Strange perfume lingers in the air, a terrifying email, a stranger’s voice on the telephone, or photographs of unknown faces. Can you connect the dots and come up with the story?

The Detectivity game offers a completely new experience for groups of 3-5: friends, corporate teams, families, students and, as the game can also be played in English, for visitors from abroad.

Rely on your brains and intuition. Have confidence in yourself and your friends. Discover the secret that awaits you. Do not forget: the mind is the most powerful weapon. Come and Play!

Price: 15 000 HUF/group

Have fun!
The Detectivity Team